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Steps To Sell

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Register

DIY Consignors Click here to go to our Consignor Registration page and select if you are a New Consignor or Returning Consignor. Once you have submitted your non-refundable registration fee, your spot is guaranteed! (Consignors wishing to use the Tagging Service please click here.)

Step 2: Enter your items

Set your price, and indicate discount and donate in our super-easy online tagging system. Check out this blog for some tips on using our tagging software. Use the Pricing Guide tab on this webpage.

Step 3: Print Your Tags

Print your tags on WHITE CARD STOCK from your computer and prepare your items. For instructions on preparing items check out our How to Tag video series

Step 4: Schedule

Select your optional Team Member shifts for earlier shopping and increase your earnings in your Consignor Portal!  **NEW!  There will be no drop off appointments scheduled.  You will bring your items to us on Tuesday March 31st between 8am-8pm.  You will place your clothing and shoes directly on the racks on the sales floor.  We will show you where to drop off your remaining items.  There will be an exclusive time on Monday March 30th for anyone helping as a Team Member.  Emails will be sent to Team Members regarding those times.  Watch your email the weekend before your drop off day for directions on how the process will work at your specific event location.

Step 5: Sale time!

Check your Consignor Portal at the end of each selling day to see how your items are selling. If you are not donating make sure you arrive with your bins for the scheduled sort and pick up time. See all Important Dates to Remember for Consignors. (Items remaining after the designated Sort & Pick Up time will become the property of The Clothing Tree and will go to donation that same evening).