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Why Sell With Us

Are you ready to clean out?  Top 10 great reasons to consign with us….

  • Consignor options!  Do you want to do it all yourself or will you need some help?  DIY consignors earn 60-80% of items they sell.  Consignors who use our item preparation service will earn 40-60% and do not have to worry about getting items prepared…easy peasy!  See our Tagging Services for additional information and sign up early because this optional service is very popular and fills up! 
  • Average consignors earn $300+ dollars…our top sellers earn over $1,000!  See our Team Member page for details on increasing your earnings!
  • We do not require a specific type of hanger.  Yes, you can even use pant hangers!
  • Consignors get to shop one day before we open to the public.  Get first dibs on lots of cool stuff! 
  • Donate – If your goal is to clear out clutter then you will want to mark your items for donation and make some local kiddos happy!  TCT works with only local charities to support our community.  It is your choice if you want to donate your items or not at the end of the selling days, just mark your tags accordingly and if you do donate we will be able to provide you with a receipt to use for tax purposes.  
  • Consignor commission funds will be available to you within 10 business days following the sale in your Paypal account.  If you don’t have a Paypal account a check can be issued to you about 45 days following the event minus a $2 processing fee.
  • We have a wide range of accepted seasonal items.  For example, in the spring/summer sale you can bring long sleeved and legged items such as sweatshirts.  In the winter sale we accept swimsuits.  Please see Accepted Items for more details.  
  • No restrictions on the quantity of most items.  The only limitation we have is 150 clothing items in the infant catagory (12 months and under)…everything else has no item limits!  If it meets our quality standard then bring it all and let us help you clear out.
  • You set the price of your items and decide if you would like the opportunity to offer them at a discounted price on the last day(s) of the sale.  Remember 80% of our items sell PRIOR to the discount day, so price your items well and then take advantage of the last few hours to discount.
  • No yard sale planning or negotiating.  No “interested” people that never respond to your posts and don’t show up.  No-hassle and safe way to sell.  We take care of it all for you..just sit back and check your online sales at the end of each selling day to see your money adding up!

Ready to get going?  Click here for the 5 simple steps!