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Online Consignors – Winter 2020 TCT Online Sale

We are excited to offer our very first WINTER event! We have had lots of positive feedback from our consignors selling online with TCT Online. “The online selling process was so easy and quick! I love the new way of selling items, plus all the new categories we can sell make it a win-win.”

SIGN UP NOW AND ENJOY ALL THE BENEFITS! Early Consignor Registration Discount ending October 12th at midnight.

TIME SAVER – No hanging of clothing items! Sell clothing as individual pieces or save even more time by selling in lots.

EARN MORE – We added extra categories of items you can sell in addition to all of our normal kids stuff – PLUS YOU CAN SELL ALL SEASONS WITH TCT ONLINE in addition to new categories including women’s & men’s clothing, outerwear, and shoes, women’s handbags, maternity, furniture, home decor, and all types of sporting and fishing equipment big and small! You earn 60% of everything you sell!

LESS STUFF TO CART AROUND – You only drop off items that have already been sold. Pull up and leave your items in the garage bay for a quick, easy, and minimal contact drop off appointment! No waiting for any item inspections. (If you have a health condition and require full no-contact curbside service please email us in advance so we can be fully prepared to accommodate your specific needs.)


  1. Sign-up
  2. Make sure your items meet our quality standards
  3. Enter and tag your items (just like a “normal” sale event)
  4. Upload a picture right into your Consignor Portal (a NEW feature!)
  5. Mark your item ready to go
  6. Let TCT do a bunch of nifty stuff with your items to sell online for you
  7. Receive your sold items report with customer order numbers and jot down the order number on each item
  8. Drop off your sold items to us at your quick at easy drop off appointment time
  9. Sit back, relax, and get ready to collect some moolah about 2 weeks following the shopper pick-up day

HOW DO I JOIN? So glad you asked! Click here to go to our registration page. You will submit a non-refundable registration fee of $10 and a Quality Assurance Deposit of $10. Your Quality Assurance Deposit will be refunded with your commission as long as your sold items meet our quality standards listed on our website. 20% OFF EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT FOR CONSIGNOR REGISTRATION UNTIL OCTOBER 8TH!

OTHER TID-BITS… Consignors need to make sure the item category is entered correctly so that appropriate tax (or no tax) is applied during the online check out for the shopper. You also should list the brand name of popular items in the first line of the item description to make popular items more “searchable” and sell-able on the shopping site. Examples are Gymboree (do NOT abbreviate), Lego, Paw Patrol, etc.