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Seller Perks

Consignor Loyalty Page

We wanted to offer our loyal and returning consignors some special opportunities as a way of saying thanks for supporting our business.

Earn up to 80% commission – After you have consigned with us for 2 consecutive seasons and have been a Team Member during those seasons you may request a Team Leader position. Team Leaders work 16 hours during the event and will help instruct our newer Team Members on their responsibilities during their shift. Team Leaders will be assigned based on your work ethic, strengths, reliability, and enthusiasm during our events. Team Leaders earn 80% commission and are the very first group to shop our presale day.

Earn a shopping credit – You will receive a Consignor Loyalty card at your first drop off appointment with us. Bring your card back each event during your drop off appointment to have it stamped. Once you have received 5 stamps, you can bring it back to your 6th appointment and receive a $10 shopping credit for that sale.

Express Check In – Any returning consignor who has more than 100 items checked-in at a specifc location and has 5 or less items returned to them during our check-in process will receive an Express Check-In pass. This pass shows that you have taken the time to carefully inspect and clean your items prior to your drop off appointment. When you present the Express Check-In pass at your next drop off appointment you will be allowed to drop off your items and immediately leave…no waiting for your items to be inspected! Just make sure your bins and lids all have your consignor number on them and remember to ask for them anytime during the sale that you might stop by. We will hold any unaccepted items and your bins for you. If you again have 5 or less items returned to you in your bins, you will receive the Express Check-In pass again.