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Item Preparation

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Please see our How To Videos for more great information. 

Work With Inventory

Once your registration is complete you will have access to the tagging system. To enter your items select the login option for your location from our website.  You will be directed to a login page where you should enter your consignor number and password.  Select the option to Work with Consigned Inventory and then select the option to work with Active Inventory.

As you begin entering your items be sure to select the correct category because some are taxable and others are not.  You will select your options for discount and donate on this page.  Be aware that those options will remain selected, if you only want certain items discounted or donated you will need to check and uncheck those boxes accordingly.  Try to work in one category and size at a time because it will retain those settings as you enter and make your entry go faster.  For other tips in working with our software read this blog article.

Item Description

The item description may help us to match a missing item to the tag so it can be sold. A tag that says “baby toy” will not be helpful in re-matching an item and tag. A tag that says “Fisher Price Red Construction Truck” is much better. Please include the manufacture and primary item color in the description field.  If you need more space for description you are always welcome to add an index card to any item to provide further information regarding the product. This often helps larger items sell better.


There is a minimum price of $2. To improve the quantity of what you sell and make the best use of your time and supplies we recommend that you group smaller priced items together for a higher price.  For example, group 4 onesies together on a hanger for $2.  All prices will be in 50 cent increments. When pondering your price consider that generally 25-30% of the original new retail is average.  If you paid $12 for a new pair of pants you would likely price them at $3-4 for the sale. There are a couple exceptions to this guideline such as baby clothing, large items, and highly desired brands.  Please see our Pricing Guide for a detailed list of pricing guidelines.

Additionally, you will be asked if you would like your items to be sold at 1/2 price on final selling day and if you are going to donate your items. We recommend that all items are marked “yes” for half-price, this is the final opportunity of the sale to sell your items prior to donation or picking up. It is a good idea to write your consignor number on a piece of masking tape and apply it to each item you are selling. This is not a requirement, but it helps us if the tag becomes separated to identify whose item it is and then we can search your inventory by consignor number to reproduce the tag in order to sell your item.

Printing Tags

All tags must be printed on white or cream colored cardstock using normal quality printer settings and black ink! Please do not use the draft or high quality setting on your printer. Using those settings may create the inability for the scanner to properly scan your tags, causing a delay in check-out (as we manually enter the information) and unhappy customers. If the tag looks blurry or faded chances are the scanner will not read it.  If you think your printer is not printing the barcode well please email us so we can help you troubleshoot the problem.  If you need to change information on a tag you need to reprint it, you may not write on it.

Using cardstock helps to prevent tags from being torn during the sale. Wal-Mart sells a small ream of white cardstock in the office supplies section for about $5.

Attach Tags to Items

Take care not to attach a tag in a manner that will cause the item damage when removed. For example, you would not want to put tape across the front cover of a book, across the picture of a wooden puzzle, or package books together with tape as it may cause damage when removed. You would not want to put tape over labels or stickers on toys.  Do not push the tagging gun needle through fabric.

For books, place your bar-coded tag on the back cover with a small piece of clear packing tape. You can group books together in a large Ziploc bag or with string criss-crossed around the package. You may cover the tag with clear packing tape if necessary, we can scan through clear tape.

For clothing, tags must be fastened using tagging barbs or strong safety pins (not the little gold ones please and NO straight pins).  Using a tagging gun is optional, but recommended.  If you are using a tag gun, please insert the needle in a seam or in the clothing’s tag. If you are using safety pins we recommend that you apply a piece of clear packing tape over the pin.

Clothing On Hangers

All clothing needs to be on hangers! For your convenience and to help keep the cost of your supplies low, we do accept ALL types of hangers including plastic hangers and pant hangers. Hangers are not returned following the sale; however, if you pick up your items during our Sort and Pick-up times we often have hangers available for you to take home in preparation of the next sale. Additionally, try making a posting for “Wanted: Hangers” on Craigslist. Wal-Mart and other department stores will usually allow you to keep the hangers of the clothing you are purchasing…just ask! Sometimes Wal-Mart and local dry cleaners have a supply of hangers they are planning on discarding and will often give them to you free of charge.

If your hanger has a size already marked on it, you may want to try to remove the tab or use a permanent marker and black it out.  Consignors who plan to pick-up their items have found it helpful to mark their hangers or tags in a unique way. This helps you to identify your items more quickly at the sorting and pick-up time. For example, some mark their hanger with a specific color of ribbon, tape, or yarn. Others mark their tags with a special small sticker. Although it is not fool-proof it does seem to help.

Items In Baggies

If you have a toy with small parts please put the small pieces in a clear Ziploc bag and seal the bag with packing tape to help prevent the parts from going missing during the sale.  Attach the bag of pieces to the toy using string, a zip tie, or tape.  You may want to note on your tag or attach an index card that mentions the bag of parts with the item just in case they get separated during the sale.

If you are putting smaller items such as socks or tights in a bag, please do NOT seal the Ziploc. We will be inspecting these items and will provide tape to seal the bag after they are checked. Please put onsies and infant sleepers on hangers, not in baggies.

How To Hang Your Items

When you are looking at the front of the garment the hanger should look like a question mark at the top.  Next attach your tags to the upper right hand side or at the back part of the collar or waistband.  If you are using a tagging gun, please insert the needle through a seam or if necessary in the clothing tag. The needle can place a hole in some fabrics! If you are interested in purchasing a tagging gun or need replacements barbs or needles please see our Consignor Supplies page.

Please do not drape pants or shorts over the hanger. Instead use safety pins to attach them to the TOP bar of the hanger. By attaching them to the top of the hanger it helps to keep them from sliding to one end of the hanger. Attach 2pc sets so they are held in place with the top bar of the hanger going through the safety pin. Put the shirt on the hanger then attach the pants.


Try to tie shoes together in some manner. Yarn, loop pins, or zip ties work well. You may also place shoes in a zipper bag. Try your best to make sure the tag is well attached. Again, you may want to mark one shoe with the barcode and the other with masking tape in case they get separated or the tag falls off.

Games and Puzzles

All games and puzzles MUST have a note attached to the box indicating if any pieces are missing. If all pieces are accounted for then the attached note should say “All pieces included”. Wooden puzzles can be wrapped with clear plastic wrap to hold pieces in place or put into a large zipper bag and sealed closed. Puzzles missing pieces will not be accepted.

Check The Recall List

Please remember that YOU are responsible to check your items to see if they have been placed on a recall list. With new legislation that went into effect Feb. 10th, 2009 it is of utmost importance to verify all items. The law indicates the reseller (that is you, the consignor) is responsible for this. Please remember that The Clothing Tree, LLC is not the reseller…we provide the facility for the sale of your items…we do not own your items; therefore, you are the reseller. There are now serious legal actions that can be taken by the government should you choose to sell a recalled item or an item with an excessive lead content.  This includes things like strollers, pack & plays, cribs, as well as toys and clothing for children up to 12 years old. Please note that additional fees will apply if we find your items to be on a recall list. Refer to your Consignor Agreement for details. Here is an easy-to-use website you can use for your reference. You can search by manufacture, category, or date. or you can also check out (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission)

Sort Your Items

After tagging your items, please have them sorted by gender and size PRIOR TO arriving for your drop-off appointment.  If you are running late to your drop off appointment, we may have to ask you to wait so that we can attend those during their scheduled time first. Thank you for your understanding. You will be at your appointment for about 30-60 minutes depending on the quantity of items and how well you have followed the preparation directions. Consignors are required to remain off the sales floor while your items are being checked. You maybe asked to assist putting your clothing items on the racks if we are short handed.  If you chose to leave before your items have been inspected, any unacceptable items will go to immediate donation regardless of how they are marked on the tag.

Picking Up Unsold Items

Consignors have the option of sorting and picking up their unsold items or donating them to local charities.  Consignors will be divided into 2 groups and assigned a pick-up time.  If you are sorting and picking up your items you will need to bring a large box to sort your items into. Please try to print your unsold items report from home prior to arriving to pick up your items, if you have difficulty you may use your mobile device at the sale or we can print one for you.  Items remaining after the designated sorting time will become the property of The Clothing Tree, LLC and will go to immediate donation. We will have our team members double check your items prior to your departure from the building. Please collect all of your items first, AND THEN approach the check-out area. Thank you for your cooperation.

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As a consignor you are responsible to make sure any items you bring to consign are not on the recall list. Fees apply if your items are found to be on a recall list. Refer to the Consignor Agreement for details.

Click here for an easy to use guide of recalled items. You can search by brand, category, or even date.

Search Keywords (eg, brand + item)

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All consigned items must be verified by the Consignor to NOT be on a recall list. Verify items at


  • Jeans, capris, and t-shirts are accepted all seasons
  • Long sleeved shirts and pants for spring sales (but please no holiday or winter themed clothing). 
  • Swimsuits are accepted all seasons. 
  • Heavy sweaters, fleece, snowsuits, mittens/gloves are only accepted in fall/winter. Tank tops and shorts are only accepted in spring/summer.
  • Clothing MUST BE clean, free of rips, stains, holes, or odors & have functioning zippers, snaps, or buttons (where applicable).
  • Shoes in EXCELLENT condition with minimal signs of wear – newborn through teenage sizes (shoes with scuffing will not be accepted)
  • Women’s handbags
  • Accessories such as ties, belts, sunglasses, hair pieces, etc.
  • Dance/gymnastic suits and costumes (dress-up clothing) are accepted year-round
  • Room decorations that are child or teen related
  • Crib sets and bedding sets with 4 or more pieces (NO individual crib comforters or bumpers are accepted)
  • Indoor and outdoor toys (including large outdoor play structures and slides)
  • Bikes and most other sporting equipment and gear accepted year-round. Bike helmets must have no cracks/dents. Examples of what we will not take – no pools for the fall/winter sale; no ski equipment or ice skates for spring/summer.
  • Toys must be in safe working order, clean, have batteries that work, and have all parts. If possible, include the instruction manual which can be printed from most toy company’s websites. As with all items, be sure to check toys for recall at
  • Character stuffed animals (Disney, Dora, etc.) and electronic stuffed animals. 
  • Baby equipment and furniture (cribs, glider rockers, changing tables, high chairs, etc.) Please plan to set-up furniture items when you arrive for your drop off time as they will sell better if they are assembled.
  • Feeding items such as cups, bottles (no nipples unless new in package), plates, and utensils without teeth marks.  You can sell gently used cups and bottles by removing the nipples.
  • Breast Pumps – any tubing that milk passes through should not be sold with the pump. All parts sold with the pump need to be of the quality that can be sterilized. Contact your manufacturer to purchase replacement parts or attach a note to the pump bag to advise customers what parts need to be replaced.
  • Car seats – must be within 5 years of the manufacture date on the label. You may not sell a car seat that was in an accident…not even a little fender bender! You are responsible to sign a waiver at your drop-off appointment indicating you have verified the car seat has not been recalled, has not been involved in an accident, and is less than 5 years old per the manufacture date.
  • Books (baby, children, teens, or parenting)
  • DVDs, and Blu-rays (please make sure the cover and the disc inside match!) Discs that are scratched will be rejected. 
  • Games and puzzles – All games must have a note attached to the box indicating if any pieces are missing. If all pieces are accounted for then the attached note should say “All pieces included”. Wooden puzzles can be wrapped with clear plastic wrap to hold pieces in place, do not use tape. Puzzles missing pieces will not be accepted.
  • Game consoles (Xbox, Playstation, etc), related equipment, and games in working order.
  • Electronic devices like tablets, iPods, etc. (These items are secured in a locked case where customers can view them.)
  • If your sweater is a flat or smooth knit or cardigan style that your child would actually wear into April, this might be accepted for our spring/summer sale.
  • Underpants new and in the original unopened package

TCT Inspection Staff has final say as to the acceptableness of all items.  Please do not be offended if we return some items to you during your check-in time. The lighting of the facility often shows spots that were not apparent in your home. We are striving to maintain a high quality of merchandise so that our customers will be happy and want to return (to buy your items).

If your items are not clean or have the odor of cigarette smoke or a damp odor on them you may be asked to take them home to re-wash them and you will need to await the next available drop-off time. Due to space constraints, we do not have room for you to be cleaning items during check-in. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we try to keep our drop-off appointments on schedule…being that we are all busy parents, we value your time and do not want to keep the next parent waiting while you are cleaning. Thanks for your understanding and supporting us in knowing that we are providing the best possible items at The Clothing Tree.

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  • No VHS tapes, CDs, or Cassette Tapes
  • For fall/winter clothing we generally do not accept shorts, most tank tops and capped sleeves. If a tank top is designed for “layering” it might be accepted, especially if it is being sold with a long sleeved shirt or sweater.
  • For spring/summer clothing we generally do not accept velour, velvet, flannel, corduroy, turtlenecks, cable knit or heavy knit sweaters. 
  • We do not accept off-season holiday items (ie- No winter themed items at the spring sale)
  • We will not accept items that are priced in excess of our Pricing Guide recommendations.
  • Items that smell like cigarette smoke or damp/mildew. Note: if you are a smoker consider washing your consigned items in Purex Crystals.
  • No crib comforters or crib bumpers UNLESS they are part of a 4+ piece set of nursery bedding items.
  • Items that have been recalled
  • Any item that may be questionable for lead levels and/or phthalates
  • No underpants unless it is new and in the original package
  • No bottle nipples or pacifiers unless they are new and in original package
  • No rated R movies or M rated video games
  • No items with pilling (We recommend a sweater depillar to remove pilling from items such as pajamas or sweaters. Wal-Mart sells one for about $4.)
  • Any other item that is determined to be unacceptable by the staff

Please do not be offended if we return some items to you during your check-in time. The lighting of the facility often shows spots that were not apparent in your home. We are striving to maintain a high quality of merchandise so that our customers will be happy and want to return (to buy your items).