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Sellers Important Dates To Remember

The deadline for Sellers to enter items into the Seller Portal is Saturday March 28th @ 11:59pm – There will be no extensions on time!  All tags must be printed on WHITE card stock ONLY.

Lehigh Valley Spring 2020 –

Last Day for all Consignor Portal activity (schedules, item entry, and updating your email for payment) Saturday

March 28th

11:59 pm
Item Drop Off

Crew Members ONLY!

Monday March 30th

Times TBA

Monday’s Drop Off will be ONLY for those who have signed up to help advertise or are helping during our event as a Crew Member.  Times will be emailed to those who have signed up for a shift.
Item Drop Off  Tuesday March 31st


NEW PROCESS! Consignors will now place clothing items directly on the appropriate size racks on the sales floor for inspection at a later time. All other items (toys, books, etc) will go through the standard inspection process. No appointment will be required, arrive at a time convenient for you, or have someone drop off on your behalf. Can’t make it Tuesday? Sign up to help out with some advertising or one Crew Member shift and drop off Monday instead.
Crew Leaders Pre-Sale Wednesday

April 1st

Crew Members Pre-Sale Wednesday

April 1st

Crew Members Pre-Sale Wednesday

April 1st

Crew Members Pre-Sale Wednesday

April 1st

Seller Presale Wednesday

April 1st

Seller Reload 

Bring up to 10 large items for re-stocking


April 2nd 

Crew  Member/Leader 50% Off Presale

Sellers 50% Off Presale


April 3rd




Sellers Sort and Pick-up (note: items not picked up will be donated) Saturday

April 4th

3-5pm arrival, schedule time in Seller Portal.
Seller Funds Issued By—>




Printed Check

Via PayPal received on or before 4/20/2020

For those choosing not to accept funds via PayPal your check will automatically be issued by 6/1/2020.

Don’t want to wait that long for a check?  Be a Crew Member for 12 hours and receive your check immediately on Saturday 4/4/2020.