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Why Consign





Top 10 great reasons to consign with us….

  • Consignor options!  Are you a DIY consignor or would you like us to prepare items for you?  See our Consignor Services for optional services to make your life easier.  Do you want to pick up your unsold items and try again or do you want to clean out and have us donate them on your behalf so you can take a tax deduction (donation report can be provided IF you mark your items as donate in the tagging program).
  • DIY Consignors earn 60%-80% of the selling price of your items.  Average consignors earn $300+ dollars…our top sellers earn over $1,000!  See our Team Member page for details on increasing your earnings!
  • Consignor commission funds will be available to you within 10 business days following the sale in your Paypal account.  If you don’t have a Paypal account a check can be issued to you about 45 days following the event.  (Please review the Consignor Agreement for details.)  
  • We do not require a specific type of hanger.  Yes, you can even use pant hangers!
  • One registration fee per event location for unlimited items.
  • No restrictions on the quantity of certain items like baby clothing, shoes, or maternity.
  • You set the price of your items and decide if you would like the opportunity to offer them at a discounted price on the last day(s) of the sale.  
  • You decide whether or not to donate your items to our local charities at the end of the sale or if you want to pick them up.
  • No yard sale planning or negotiating. No-hassle and safe way to sell.  We take care of it all for you..just sit back and check your online sales at the end of each selling day to see your money adding up!
  • Consignors get to shop one day before we open to the public.  Get first dibs on lots of cool stuff! 


Sounds good, but wondering what is expected of you? Here are the 10 steps in order…

  • Make sure we are a good fit for you!  Take a look at our Consignor Agreement, Sale Schedule, and Item Preparation information.  Let us know if you have any questions.
  • Register – Click here to go to our Consignor Registration page and select if you are a New Consignor or Returning Consignor.  Once you have submitted your non-refundable registration fee, your spot is guaranteed! 
  • Make sure your items have not been recalled. Click here for an easy to use the resource to check your items for recall.
  • Enter your items, set your price, and indicate discount and donate in our super-easy online tagging system. Check out this blog for some tips on using our tagging software.  
  • Print your tags on WHITE CARD STOCK from your computer and attach them to your items.  (Please no paper tags, they get torn and lost…cardstock can be found at stores like Walmart and Staples.)  For instructions on preparing items check out our How to Tag video series.
  • All clothing needs to be on hangers, this includes onesies and sleepers.  Make sure clothing is hung correctly and tagged properly, take a minute to watch this video…it should help you out!  Hangers are not returned to you, so use whatever kind of hanger you can find that is free…remember you can use any type of hanger whether wire, plastic, or pants!
  • Schedule your drop-off appointment and decide if you want to earn more money by becoming a Team Member!  Drop off and Team Member schedules open 6-8 weeks prior to the event and are found in your Consignor Portal.  Do you have more than 300 items?  We got you!  Just please let us know right away so that we can allow more time in our schedule for your appointment.  For consignors with about 300 items your appointment should take 30-60 minutes.  Watch your email the weekend before your drop off day for directions on how the process will work at your specific event location.
  • Sale time! Check your Consignor Portal at the end of each selling day to see how your items are selling.
  • Consignors have the option of sorting and picking up their unsold items during a specific time or donating the items to local charities.  Please check out Dates to Remember for date and time.  Remember to bring bins to sort your items into if you chose to pick up unsold items. Check your Consignor Portal for a list of unsold items or ask us to print a list when you arrive.  Items remaining after the designated sorting time will become the property of The Clothing Tree, LLC and will go to donation. Our Team Members will double check your items prior to your departure from the building. Please collect all of your items first, AND THEN approach the check-out area.
  • Your commission will arrive in your PayPal account within 10 business days after the final day of our event.  If you do not have a PayPal account we will issue you a printed check minus a $2 fee within 45 days…this is automatic, you do not have to request a printed check.