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Why Consign





Here are some great reasons to consign with us….

  • Consigning the way you want!  Are you a DIY consignor or would you like us to prepare items for you?  See our Consignor Services for optional services that are being offered this season. Like our tagging service where we prepare all your items for you. These services are all designed to make your life easier! 
  • Earn 60%-80% of the selling price of your items (your percentage starts at 60% and gets higher the more you help during the event).
  • Team Members are consignors who chose to help out during the event.  They will earn up to an additional 10% commission. They also get to shop early!
  • Loyal Consignors who have been reliable, energetic, and enthusiastic Team Members maybe given the opportunity to become our Team Leaders who earn 80% commission and are the first group to shop.
  • Consignor commission funds will be available to you within 12 business days following the sale in your Paypal account.  If you don’t have a Paypal account a check can be issued to you (please review the Consignor Agreement for the specific process).  
  • We do not require a specific type of hanger.  Yes, you can even use pant hangers!
  • One registration fee per event location for unlimited items. No restrictions on quantity of certain items like baby clothing, shoes, or maternity. NOTE: Fall 2017 we will accept items for all seasons.
  • You set the price of your items and decide if you would like the opportunity to offer them at a discounted price on the last day(s) of the sale.  
  • You decide whether or not to donate your items to our local charities at the end of the sale or if you want to pick them up. If you mark your items as donate you will be able to print a donation report for tax purposes.
  • No yard sale planning or negotiating. We do all the marketing for you.  Items will sell at prices higher than yard sales. You will have the opportunity of selling more days than at a normal yard sale or one day event and you don’t even have to be there!
  • No-hassle and safe way to sell.  Why frustrate yourself trying to arrange risky parking lot meetups or dealing with no-shows?  Your time and safety are more important. 
  • NEW FEATURE FOR 2017: An added day of sales! We have added an additional shopping day to the Fall 2017 sale. 
  • All consignors receive a pass for the Consignors Pre-sale which allows you to shop one day before we open to the public.  Consignor passes are valid for one adult to enter the pre-sale.  Additional VIP passes may be purchased online or at the door. 
  • Because of our awesome bar-coding system, you will be able to track what you have sold! Please note that your Sold Items report is updated by the morning following each sale day, it is not a “real time” report. (For example, Friday’s sales are updated by Saturday morning.) Online you will see “Estimated” Earnings, this is NOT the precise amount of your check. Your check will likely be higher if you are a Team Member (helping during the sale).

Sounds good, but wondering what is expected of you? Here are the steps in order…

  • Register – Review and agree to our Consignor Agreement and submit a non-refundable, non-transferable  Registration Fee. This fee is for an unlimited number of items, however, if you are bringing more than 300 items please let us know two weeks in advance so we can allow more time for your drop off appointment.
  • Make sure your items have not been recalled. With new legislation that went into effect Feb. 10th, 2009 it is of utmost importance to verify all items. The law indicates the reseller (that is you, the consignor) is responsible for this. Please remember that The Clothing Tree, LLC is not the reseller. We facilitate the event, we do not own your items; therefore, you are the reseller. There are now serious legal actions that can be taken by the government should you choose to sell a recalled item. This includes things like strollers, pack & plays, cribs, as well as toys and clothing. Click here for an easy to use the resource to check your items for recall. PLEASE NOTE: Per our Consignor Agreement, there will be a fee of $15 per item deducted from your consignor commission check (regardless of the price of the item) if your item is found to be on a recall list after you leave your drop-off appointment. Please check your things before your appointment!
  • Enter your items and set your price in our super-easy online tagging system. Check out this blog for some tips of using our tagging software.  Print your tags on white card stock from your own computer and attach them to the items.  Further instructions on preparing items can be found in our How to Tag video series. If you have chosen our Transfer Service please be sure to review those requirements as the tagging preparation is slightly different than described here.
  • All clothing items need to be on hangers, this includes onesies and sleepers.  (You can hang multiple items on one hanger by following the directions on our video.)  For your convenience, we do not require a specific type of hanger. Hangers are not returned to you, but if you choose to pick up your items following the sale we often have some available for you to take home in preparation for the next sale. You may also try local dry cleaners, often they give away the hangers that customers bring their items in on. Try posting a “Wanted: Hangers” ad on Craigslist. Occasionally department stores will give away hangers that customers do not keep. You may also purchase hangers from Uline and pick them up directly at their facility near Allentown to avoid shipping charges.  
  • Schedule your drop-off appointment.  If you have more than 300 items, please provide us with 2 weeks notice so that we can allow more time in our schedule for your appointment.  For consignors with less than 300 items your appointment should take about 30-60 minutes. If you choose not to wait for your inspection we will be happy to donate any unaccepted items on your behalf. Watch your email the weekend before the drop off days for directions on how the process will work at your specific event location.
  • Go home, rest, and watch online to see how your items are selling.  
  • Consignors have the option of sorting and picking up their unsold items or donating them to local charities.  Consignors will be divided into 2 groups and assigned a pick-up time.  If you are sorting and picking up your items you will need to bring a large box to sort your items into. We will provide you with a list of UN-sold items when you arrive or it maybe available online prior to your arrival. Items remaining after the designated sorting time will become the property of The Clothing Tree, LLC and will go to donation. We will have our team members double check your items prior to your departure from the building. Please collect all of your items first, AND THEN approach the check-out area. Thank you for your cooperation.