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Tagging Service



No time to tag your items, but you would still like to earn some cash?  No problem! 

Bring us your toys, games, books, bikes, and any other gently used baby, kid, or teen items that your family has outgrown and we will prepare them for our sale.

Use our busy moms Tagging Service…it’s as easy as 1-2-3

Tagging Service Step by Step:

  • Register and pay for our Tagging Service by filling out our Tagging Service form HERE.
  • Print and fill out our Tagging Service Agreement by clicking HERE.
  • Print and fill out our standard Consignor Agreement by clicking HERE.
  • Set up a time to drop off your freshly laundered clothing and well-cleaned items that are in bins or boxes to your dedicated “Preparer”.   Make sure electronic toys have working batteries.
  • Drop off your items to your designated Preparer along with your 2 printed documents shown above.  Wait while your items are inspected OR just drop and go and we will donate unaccepted items on your behalf.
  • Preparer will enter items, tag them, and fully prepare them for sale.
  • TCT will store your items in our storage facility until the sale and we will take them directly to the sale location.
  • After our first sale, TCT will collect your unsold items, store them and move them to our next location for you!  (After the second event we recommend you allow us to donate the remaining items on your behalf to our local charities…but if you prefer, you may pick up unsold items during the assigned Consignor Sort & Pick Up time.  Click here for Important Dates.
  • Watch your Consignor Portal during each sale to see your money adding up!
  • Sign up for Team Member shifts to earn a higher commission on your items.  See Consignor Perks here.


  • Materials & time to prepare your items (please bring us whatever hangers you are able to find)
  • Storage of your items before and between sales
  • Transferring items between our 2 locations (normally a $25 fee)
  • Registration Fees for BOTH locations (normally $27 fee).

Why use our Tagging Service?

  • Takes all the work off of YOU! 
  • We take care of the supplies for you.
  • No computer work with entering your items.
  • No drop off appointment needed for the sales, we’ve already checked the items in.
  • No pick up required to move items from one sale location to the next.
  • Sit back and watch your items sell.
  • Our Preparers are our top selling consignors so they know what it takes to prepare AND SELL your items!


    Please read the below fee structure before you register.

  • There is an upfront seasonal fee for the tagging service package of $49.50 payable online prior to your appointment with the Preparer. (The overall value of this package is $72.) This fee includes the following for an unlimited number of items:
  • Registration Fees for both locations in a single season (normally $13.50 per location, $27 total).
  • Storage of items prior to event ($10 value)
  • Use of our Transfer Service which includes collecting unsold items following first event, storing items, moving items to second location ($25 value)
  • Tagging supplies such as cardstock, printer ink, tape, safety pins, bags, zip ties, and some hangers.  Consignors are asked to bring any hangers they have on hand to the Preparer.  ($10 value)
  • The Clothing Tree will retain 60% on all sales of Tagging Service consignors.  The Tagging Service Consignor will have a base commission of 40%.  (This is a 20% deduction from a DIY Consignor who normally has a base commission of 60%). 
  • Consignor can help as a Team Member during the sale to increase their own commission. (Please see our website for details.)