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Tagging Service Fall 2019




Inspired to clean out and need a little help?  We’ve got you!!  We have added more Preparers to expand the number of consignors we can accept this season!  Please review the information below and if you would like to use the Tagging Service then click on the Interest Form at the bottom of the page to let us know.

WHO SHOULD USE THE TAGGING SERVICE?  The Tagging Service is best suited for consignors who have a combination of items.  This would be things such as baby equipment (swings, pack-n-plays, high chairs, etc.), large plastic toys (slides, outdoor playhouses, kitchens or work benches, etc.), bikes in excellent condition, and other large items in addition to smaller toys, games, books, puzzles, shoes, and clothing.

WHAT CAN I SELL?  Almost anything kid related!  Bring us your toys, electronics, games, books, bikes, and any other gently used baby, kid, or teen items that your family has outgrown and we will prepare them for our sale.  We will also accept up to 200 individual clothing items.


  • Takes all the preparation work off of YOU
  • Find space in your home and get rid of “mind clutter” while earning some $$$
  • We provide all the supplies
  • No computer work to enter your items
  • No drop off appointment needed during the week of the sale
  • Sit back and watch your items sell – no yard sale planning, dealing with annoying people, or unsafe meet-ups.
  • Our Preparers are our top selling consignors so they know what it takes to prepare AND SELL your items!

DOES IT INCLUDE EVERYTHING? The Tagging Service includes the following:

  • Materials – All tagging supplies such as cardstock, printer ink, tape, safety pins, bags, zip ties, and some hangers.  We just ask if you or your friends have any unwanted hangers that you send them along to us…all other supplies are included. (We do provide hangers as well, if needed.)
  • Time – Your preparer will enter your items, tag them, and package them for the sale.
  • Delivery of any unaccepted items to a local charity of our convenience.
  • Storage of your prepared items before the sale
  • Delivery of the items to the sale site on the sale week (you do not need to schedule a drop appointment the week of the sale).


  • Preparers do not clean, wash, sort, repair items, or replace batteries.
  • Tagging Service consignors are limited to 200 individual pieces of clothing, so check your clothing and bring only your best!  If you bring us your best clothing and it is not stained or damaged, we will consider increasing this limit at future seasons when you sign up for the Tagging Service.
  • If the Preparer has to spend exceptional time in sorting items that do not meet quality standards, additional fees may be applied.  We will send you clear information on how to prepare for your drop off appointment, so please keep an eye on your email and ask any questions of your Preparer prior to your drop off appointment.

WHEN CAN I GET STARTED?  Using our busy moms Tagging Service…it’s as easy as 1-2-3-4.  Review this page and fill out the interest form at the bottom.  After we contact you to let you know you have been assigned a Preparer you will then:

  1. Register as a new or returning consignor and submit the separate Tagging Service Fee.
  2. Fill out your printed Tagging Service Agreement and then submit your payment at the link we will provide via email.
  3. Your assigned preparer will contact you in about 72 hours after we receive payment to set up a time for you to drop off your items.
  4. While you wait, you should get started right away by sorting your clothing.  Pick out the best 200 items, freshly launder them, and then sort by gender and size and store in bins with lids.  The bins help us to keep items well protected and spiffy clean!  Other items need to be cleaned, seat pads/liners/straps need to be removed and washed (you will be surprised how easy it is to remove and how amazingly well they clean up), and electronic toys must have working batteries.

*Remember to sign up for optional Team Member shifts to earn a higher commission on your items.  See Consignor Perks here.


  • There is an upfront seasonal fee for the tagging service of $35 payable online prior to your appointment with the Preparer. You will receive the link to submit payment via email.
  • The Clothing Tree will retain 60% of all sales of Tagging Service consignors.  The Tagging Service Consignor will have a base commission of 40%.  (This is a 20% deduction from a DIY Consignor who normally has a base commission of 60%).
  • Consignor can help as a Team Member during the sale to increase their own commission. (Please see our website for details.)
  • Additional fees could apply if the Preparer needs to spend exceptional time to sort or clean items.

I HAVE REVIEWED THE INFORMATION BELOW AND WOULD LIKE TO SIGN UP FOR THE TAGGING SERVICE FOR SPRING 2019!  Click here for sign up form.  (Sorry…link is closed as of 3/24/19.  Please sign up for our waiting list found at the top of this page.)