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Item Preparation


All consigned items must be verified by the Consignor to NOT be on a recall list. Verify items at

  • Jeans, capris, and t-shirts are accepted all seasons
  • Swimsuits are accepted all seasons
  • Heavy sweaters, fleece, snowsuits, mittens/gloves are only accepted in fall/winter. Tank tops and shorts are only accepted in spring/summer.
  • Clothing MUST BE clean, free of rips, stains, holes, or odors & have functioning zippers, snaps, or buttons (where applicable).
  • Shoes in EXCELLENT condition with minimal signs of wear – newborn through teenage sizes (shoes with scuffing will not be accepted)
  • Women’s handbags
  • Accessories such as ties, belts, sunglasses, hair pieces, etc.
  • Dance/gymnastic suits and costumes (dress-up clothing) are accepted year-round
  • Bedding and room decorations that are child or teen related
  • Crib sets and bedding sets with 4 or more pieces (NO individual crib comforters or bumpers are accepted)
  • Indoor and outdoor toys (including large outdoor play structures and slides)
  • Bikes and most other sporting equipment and gear accepted year-round. Bike helmets must have no cracks/dents. Examples of what we will not take – no pools for the fall/winter sale; no ski equipment or ice skates for spring/summer.
  • Toys must be in safe working order, clean, have batteries that work, and have all parts. If possible, include the instruction manual which can be printed from most toy company’s websites. As with all items, be sure to check toys for recall at
  • Character stuffed animals (Disney, Dora, etc.) and electronic stuffed animals. No other stuffed animals please.
  • Baby equipment and furniture (cribs, glider rockers, changing tables, high chairs, etc.) Please plan to set-up furniture items when you arrive for your drop off time as they will sell better if they are assembled.
  • Feeding items such as cups, bottles (no nipples unless new in package), plates, and utensils without teeth marks.  You can sell gently used cups and bottles by removing the nipples.
  • Breast Pumps – any tubing that milk passes through should not be sold with the pump. All parts sold with the pump need to be of the quality that can be sterilized. Contact your manufacturer to purchase replacement parts or attach a note to the pump bag to advise customers what parts need to be replaced.
  • Car seats – must be within 5 years of the manufacture date on the label. You may not sell a car seat that was in an accident…not even a little fender bender! You are responsible to sign a waiver at your drop-off appointment indicating you have verified the car seat has not been recalled, has not been involved in an accident, and is less than 5 years old per the manufacture date.
  • Books (baby, children, teens, or parenting)
  • CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays (please make sure the cover and the disc inside match!) We will NOT accept VHS tapes.  Discs that are scratched will be rejected. 
  • Games and puzzles – All games must have a note attached to the box indicating if any pieces are missing. If all pieces are accounted for then the attached note should say “All pieces included”. Wooden puzzles can be wrapped with clear plastic wrap to hold pieces in place, do not use tape. Puzzles missing pieces will not be accepted.
  • Game consoles (Xbox, Playstation, etc), related equipment, and games in working order.
  • For spring/summer clothing we generally do not accept velour, velvet, flannel, corduroy, turtlenecks, cable knit or heavy knit sweaters.
  • If your sweater is a flat or smooth knit or cardigan style that your child would actually wear into April, this might be accepted for our spring/summer sale.
  • For fall/winter clothing we generally do not accept shorts, most tank tops and capped sleeves, and swimsuits. If a tank top is designed for “layering” it might be accepted, especially if it is being sold with a long sleeved shirt or sweater.
  • Underpants new and in the original unopened package
  • We will not accept items that are priced in excess of our Pricing Guide recommendations.

TCT Inspection Staff has final say as to the acceptableness of all items.  Please do not be offended if we return some items to you during your check-in time. The lighting of the facility often shows spots that were not apparent in your home. We are striving to maintain a high quality of merchandise so that our customers will be happy and want to return (to buy your items).

If your items are not clean or have the odor of cigarette smoke or a damp odor on them you may be asked to take them home to re-wash them and you will need to await the next available drop-off time. Due to space constraints, we do not have room for you to be cleaning items during check-in. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we try to keep our drop-off appointments on schedule…being that we are all busy parents, we value your time and do not want to keep the next parent waiting while you are cleaning. Thanks for your understanding and supporting us in knowing that we are providing the best possible items at The Clothing Tree.