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Consignor Services

The Clothing Tree offers consignors a transfer service from one sale to the other.  (Note: if you have or are considering using our Tagging Service you do not need to register here for the Transfer Service, it is included in the Tagging Service.)


The No-Fuss, No-Muss Transfer Service – We will be offering our Transfer Service again this season.  Consignors registered at both locations will be able to pay an additional $25 fee in advance to utilize our full service transfer option.  You will come to the facility of our first sale this season for your drop off appointment with your prepared items AND THAT IS ALL YOU NEED TO DO!  We will take care of collecting your unsold items at the end of the sale and storing them in our UNIT storage container.  We will get them to the second sale location for you.  Here are the Pros and Cons of this service:

Cons – 

1)  You cannot change pricing of items between sales (you will be able to change discount though…read on for details).  Remember to use our Pricing Guide to select the best price for your items and eliminate the added time and cost of ink and paper to re-price and re-tag items.

2)  You MUST use green cardstock for this service

Pros –

1)   We will allow those consignors who do NOT wish to discount at our first location to do so.  Simply select the option in the tagging program for “No” to discount.  Then at our first location there will be no discount on your items.  When we have our discount sale at our second location ALL green tags will be offered at discount regardless of the indication on the price tag.  This way you will not need to worry about taking your items home to re-tag just to mark the discount for the second sale!  (The ONLY exception will be that we will NOT automatically discount non-clothing items with a price higher than $20.)

2)  You can still add other items to your inventory in between sales if you chose to do so.  You will only need to schedule a drop off for your newly added items to be inspected, so your appointment time should be less than normal since we will already have your other items.

3)  Save gas money and time!  You will not need to drive to the first location and spend time sorting for your unsold items.  If you are not entering any additional items for the second location you will not have to drive there to bring your items to us….saving that much time and gas should definitely be worth the advanced payment fee we hope!

4)  Make sure you price your items right by using our new Pricing Guide.  Price your items well and again you can enjoy saving yourself extra time and not having to take your items home.  Save ink, paper, and time by pricing right and taking advantage of 2 locations.

5)  Save even MORE gas and time!  Since your items will have been at 2 events, if you have things that remain unsold, we would strongly encourage you to allow them to go to donation.  Chances are that if they go through 2 events (that’s 8 selling days and thousands of shoppers) and are unsold that it may not be a “popular” item any longer, the item maybe a little too worn or faded, or perhaps your pricing was a bit too high.  We can provide a donation receipt for your items and you can use it for tax purposes.  (Do not mark items for donate for the first location.  Please let us know BEFORE the deadline to enter items for the second location if you would like to donate following the second location so that we can provide you directions.)   We are affiliated with multiple local charities that pick up our remaining items.  We try to only use charities that will directly donate items to those families locally who are in need (and not to organizations that resell items).  

You can sign up for our Transfer Service when you register for both sales!