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View our videos and learn how to register and get consigning!

New Consignors please be sure to click on the New Consignor Registration for the specific event you would like to register for below.

Returning consignors can click on the appropriate sale as a returning consignor to register below.

Thank you.

Lehigh Valley
Lehigh Valley
Important Doc
Important Doc's

Buy, Sell, Recycle… it makes “cents”! Here are some great reasons to consign with us….

  • We do not require a specific type of hanger and we have one registration fee per event location for unlimited items. No restrictions on quantity of certain items like baby clothing, shoes, or maternity.
  • You set the price of your items and decide if you would like the opportunity to offer them at 1/2 price on the last day of the sale.  You also decide whether or not to donate your items at the end of the sale or if you want to pick them up. If you mark your items as donate you will be able to print a donation report for tax purposes.
  • No yard sale planning or negotiating. Items will sell at prices higher than yard sales. You will have the opportunity of selling more days than at a normal yard sale or one day event and you don’t even have to be there!
  • Consignors have the opportunity to sell their items at TWO locations without having to re-enter or re-tag their inventory! That’s 8 selling days per season! If you don’t get everything tagged in time for the first event you are still able to add items for future events. Please note, consignors are responsible to pick-up their items from one sale and move them to the next event. Registration fees and volunteer hours are per event.
  • Loyal Consignors earn up to 80% of the selling price of their items by helping during the sale. New consignors earn up to 70% commission. (Check out the Team Members link for more details and available times. Team Members are also the first to shop our private presale.)
  • Consignors earn a minimum of 60% of their total sales. Checks are postmarked no later than 15 days following the last day of the sale. This is NOT a credit like consignment stores give you, it is an actual check. Typically you would only receive 40% at a store if requesting your proceeds in cash. Not here! It’s your money, why should we keep it?
  • All consignors receive a pass for the Consignors Presale, which allows you to shop one day before we open to the public.  Consignor passes are valid for one adult to enter the presale.  Additional VIP passes may be purchased online. Well-supervised kids are always welcome and do not count as a guest or require a pass!
  • Because of our awesome bar-coding system, you will be able to track what you have sold! Please note that your Sold Items report is updated by the morning following each sale day, it is not a “real time” report. (For example, Friday’s sales are updated by Saturday morning.) Online you will see “Estimated” Earnings, this is NOT the precise amount of your check. Your check will likely be higher if you are a Team Member (helping during the sale).
  • Not sure if you have the time to tag your items? Why not consider Kathy’s tagging service? Kathy is one of our top consignors with much experience in consignment sales….she knows how to get your items sold! Make sure your items are clean and free of spots or stains and then contact her for pricing details at Kathy@theclothingtree.com. A limited number of openings are available for this service, so contact her early!

Sounds good, but wondering what is expected of you? Here are the steps in order…

  • Register – review and agree to our Consignor Agreement and submit a non-refundable $12.50 administrative fee. (Please click on the location you wish to register for and select the option to register as a New Consignor.)  This fee is for an unlimited number of items.
  • Make sure your items have not been recalled. With new legislation that went into effect Feb. 10th, 2009 it is of utmost importance to verify all items. The law indicates the reseller (that is you, the consignor) is responsible for this. Please remember that The Clothing Tree, LLC is not the reseller. We facilitate the event, we do not own your items; therefore, you are the reseller. There are now serious legal actions that can be taken by the government should you choose to sell a recalled item. This includes things like strollers, pack & plays, cribs, as well as toys and clothing. Click here for an easy to use resource to check your items for recall. PLEASE NOTE: Per our Consignor Agreement, there will be a fee of $15 per item deducted from your consignor commission check (regardless of the price of the item) if your item is found to be on a recall list after you leave your drop-off appointment. Please check your things before your appointment!
  • Enter your items and set your price in our super-easy online tagging system. Print your tags on white card stock from your own computer and attach them to the items.(For further instructions please see How to Tag and Accepted Items). All clothing items need to be on hangers. For your convenience, we do not require a specific type of hanger. Please note that hangers are not returned to you, but if you choose to pick up your items following the sale we often have some available for you to take home in preparation for the next sale. You may also try local dry cleaners, often they give away the hangers that customers bring their items in on. Try posting a “Wanted: Hangers” ad on Craigslist. Occasionally department stores will give away hangers that customers do not keep. You may also order hangers from us on our Tagging Supplies page. (We do not ship hangers due to the cost, you will need to pick them up.)
  • Schedule your drop-off appointment.  When you arrive for your appointment please leave your items in your vehicle and remain with your car.  You will be greeted by a staff member at your car and provided further instructions.  If someone does not come out within 5 minutes, please come to the door and let us know you have arrived.  If you have not electronically signed your Consignor Agreement online, please click on the link and print it out, review, and sign. You will wait with your vehicle while we check your items. There are playgrounds at both of our locations, so feel free to let the kids play while you wait.
  • Go home, rest, and watch online to see how your items are selling.  About 2 weeks later you will get your check in the mail!
  • Consignors have the option of sorting and picking up their unsold items or donating them to local charities. If you are sorting and picking up your items you will need to bring a large box to sort your items into. We will provide you with a list of UN-sold items when you arrive. Items remaining after the designated sorting time will become the property of The Clothing Tree, LLC and will go to donation. We will have our team members double check your items prior to your departure from the building. Please collect all of your items first, AND THEN approach the check-out area. Thank you for your cooperation.
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