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5 Tips On How To Store Seasonal Clothing
5 Tips On How To Store Seasonal Clothing

It will soon be time for changing of the seasons, which means changing up those closets and wardrobes. Unless you have the closet space of Paris Hilton, you’re on the constant rotating loop of sorting and packing your clothes each Spring and Fall. While you think about what you are going to do with all those new leggings you got this winter, here are some great tips for storing off-season clothing:

  1. Use old comforter bags: Store clothes in comforter packages. Not only do they keep your clothes dust-free, these can be found at the dollar store. Thrift and convenience all in one!
  2. Suitcases: Have a few of vintage or old suitcases around. Store your clothes in these vessels for an easy hideaway.
  3. Sliding Roof Storage: Out of sight, out of mind. Build some tracks at the top of your garage and slide storage containers in the tracks to keep your clothes fresh and free from dust.
  4. Stylish Bins/Baskets: Take a trip to your local super store for cute baskets and bins. Get creative!
  5. Under the Bed: Not just for dust bunnies and monsters. You can purchase long, flat plastic containers that can be stored under your bed. This also makes those clothes easier to access for when it gets a little chillier or warmer than anticipated.
Back To School Sleep Tips


Guest Contributor: Ronee Welch of Sleeptastic Solutions

MORGANSI don’t know about you, but back-to-school time is my favorite time of the year! After a summer of running kids to camps, parks, play dates, amusement parks, vacations, sporting practices, and trying to keep them entertained 24/7, I am beyond done. At this point, I don’t even mind the pile of paperwork I’ll be getting, or the homework I’ll be checking, when the kids do return to school. I just want to get back to my “normal” and be back on schedule! And do you know who else is looking forward to having a schedule again? My kids! They wake up every morning and ask me what’s on the schedule for today. They are used to having their lives be very consistent, and it works well for them too.

Kids of all ages love schedules and routines! Never shy away from creating one for them because you don’t want to be “that mom”. Believe me, they want you to be “that mom”! That Mom knows the exact time they need to be out of the house to catch the bus on time, That Mom knows where their favorite shirt is, That Mom knows what time they need to be at soccer or dance practice, That Mom knows what’s for dinner tonight, That Mom will help them with their homework, and That Mom will make sure they’re in bed on time so they can do it all over again tomorrow! Routines help with their daytime schedule, and they certainly help with their nighttime one. Predictability works well for children and adults of all ages!

But after more than 2 months of chaos, life on the go, and late nights, your normal school year schedule may seem like a distant memory. Now that we’re just weeks away (or even days for some of you) from the start of school, it’s a good time to begin making some changes to your summer schedule in preparation for what’s ahead.

Here are 4 things you can do to ensure your child’s sleep isn’t affected when heading back to school:

  1. Have a good bedtime routine – If your child likes to watch TV, play on your phone or on a tablet, or play video games before bed, you need to curb when that viewing/playing happens. All electronic devices should be turned off at least 30 minutes prior to bedtime. A good routine might include pajamas, brushing teeth, using the potty, and reading some stories before turning in for the night.
  2. Get them to bed early – An earlier bedtime is often the answer to many bedtime questions. Many parents believe that if they keep their child up later than usual, then they’ll wake up later in the morning but this isn’t the case! Keeping them up later can cause night terrors, night wakings, restlessness, and then they’ll usually wake up at the same time or earlier the next morning. Stick to a bedtime somewhere between 7-8pm and you should be good. Your child might even need an earlier than normal bedtime once school resumes, thanks to earlier wake-up times and long days of physical and mental activities. And if your child is currently going to bed later than 8pm, then you should think about slowly moving this time up to a more reasonable hour now, so they’re ready when school starts.
  3. Get them up earlier – On the flipside, if you have a child who’s been enjoying sleeping in late (ie tweens and teens), it’s time to start moving that awake time earlier every few days. Let’s say your child is currently waking up at 9 or 10am. Well, needing to suddenly be up at 6:30 or 7am is going to be quite the culture shock! A week or two before school starts it’s helpful to gradually begin moving bedtime earlier and waking them up earlier in the morning. Yes, they’ll likely grumble, but they will get used to it over that week or two, and it will make the first day back to school more bearable on everyone.
  4. Allowing a short nap – If you have a younger child going to preschool, kindergarten, or first grade, they are likely to be more tired than usual. They might not be napping anymore normally, but going to school part of or the whole day can be exhausting for them. If they come home and fall asleep on the couch after school, it might be tempting to leave them be. Well, if your child is in preschool or half-day kindergarten, where they’re home by lunch each day, then allowing a small nap would probably be helpful for them to make it through the remainder. It can keep them from going to bed too tired, which can cause night terrors and restlessness. However, if you have an older child who is attending school all day and not getting home until 3 or 4pm, then that’s a different story. A late day nap like that could really throw off your child’s bedtime. You might get a bedtime battle or even a middle of the night wake up where your child is just wide awake. So instead of allowing the late day nap, try to encourage your child to stay up after school, but then put them to bed earlier. In fact, they may need an earlier-than-usual bedtime for a while until their little body adjusts to the long school days.

So go ahead and get in those last few playdates, swim lessons, and let’s not forget about back-to-school shopping, because before long it will all be over. Then we’ll be complaining about the mounds of homework, projects, sports, and other things they’ve got going on during the school year, and we’ll be counting down the days until their first holiday break!

The Sleeptastic Solutions mission is to educate adults and children on the importance of sleep, breastfeeding, and infant massage. Ronee works closely with parents-to-be and parents of children aged 0-12yrs, creating custom sleep plans and providing support. For teens and adults, she takes a holistic approach to lifestyle and sleeping issues, providing realistic and attainable action steps. And she’s recently added a new Infant Massage service! This is a parent education service, where she will teach you how to massage your child, which has so many benefits! Contact Ronee for more information on all of her services

The Safest Seat?

The Safest Seat?

by Abbie Patterson, CPST

SCSG_Both_small_RGB-01Choosing a car seat can be a very stressful and daunting task for parents and parents-to-be.  You want your child to be as safe as possible, but which style of car seat should you be looking at?  Which car seat is “the safest”?  Which car seat is “the best”? 

Chances are, you’ll start by surveying your friends and trying to search for reviews and/or safety ratings online.  But guess what?  There are actually no such things as “safety ratings” for car seats.  All car seats are required to pass the same stringent tests in order to be sold on the U.S. market, and those standards are strictly pass/fail.  Data has shown that a properly used car seat will dramatically reduce a child’s risk for injury or death in a crash.  So why are there so many seats to choose from?  Why are there so many price points?  Which one is the right one to choose?!  Car seats are not one-size-fits-all.

The safest seat is the seat which fits your child, your vehicle, and your budget, and that can be installed and used correctly every single time.  That’s where it gets tricky.  Studies have shown that approximately 80% of children are in the wrong child safety seat!  Just because your best friend swears by one particular seat or even an entire “brand” of the seat, doesn’t mean that their preference will be a good choice for your particular situation.  Looking at the weight or height limits alone really doesn’t help as much as you think it would either.  Different seats are outgrown at different rates by different children.  Believe it or not, not all car seats which are rated to 5 pounds will fit a newborn baby safely.

Thankfully, Super Car Seat Geek is here to rescue you from the stressful selection process of choosing a car seat.  Our exclusive Concierge Service will help you select the very best seat for your individual needs and desires.  We will meet you at a store of your choosing* and, after gathering some basic information, go over in detail the best options available. Because of this, you can be confident that your selection will fit well in your vehicle, and will provide a safe, long lasting fit for your child.  We have been told time and time again that our (very modest) fee is not only money well-spent, but in fact has helped to save parents at least that much money! 

Of course, selection is only part of the equation.—You’ll want to ensure that your seat is installed and used correctly.  Studies have shown that as many as 93% of parents are making at least 1 critical error with their car seat.  Our private seat checks are extremely thorough.  Not only will we teach you how to correctly install your car seat, but we will teach you proper use of it and discuss when it will be outgrown, what your next steps will be, and so forth. 

Don’t waste your time, money, and energy worrying!  Contact Super Car Seat Geek today and let us help you keep your most precious cargo safer!

*(Not local to the Lehigh Valley?  Ask us about our Virtual Concierge Service)