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Month: February 2017

5 Tips On How To Store Seasonal Clothing
5 Tips On How To Store Seasonal Clothing

It will soon be time for changing of the seasons, which means changing up those closets and wardrobes. Unless you have the closet space of Paris Hilton, you’re on the constant rotating loop of sorting and packing your clothes each Spring and Fall. While you think about what you are going to do with all those new leggings you got this winter, here are some great tips for storing off-season clothing:

  1. Use old comforter bags: Store clothes in comforter packages. Not only do they keep your clothes dust-free, these can be found at the dollar store. Thrift and convenience all in one!
  2. Suitcases: Have a few of vintage or old suitcases around. Store your clothes in these vessels for an easy hideaway.
  3. Sliding Roof Storage: Out of sight, out of mind. Build some tracks at the top of your garage and slide storage containers in the tracks to keep your clothes fresh and free from dust.
  4. Stylish Bins/Baskets: Take a trip to your local super store for cute baskets and bins. Get creative!
  5. Under the Bed: Not just for dust bunnies and monsters. You can purchase long, flat plastic containers that can be stored under your bed. This also makes those clothes easier to access for when it gets a little chillier or warmer than anticipated.