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Month: April 2016

How do I get paid? How do I know how much I will get?

How do I get paid- How do I know how much I will get-When you register as a consignor you will pay an “upfront” fee called the Registration Fee.  This fee reserves your place as a consignor and is non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Most consignors chose to help out during the event.  We call them Team Members.  A consignor who chooses not to be a Team Member will have a fee called the Consignor Fee deducted from your commission at the conclusion of the event.  The Registration Fee and the Consignor Fee are two separate fees, one is paid upfront and the other is deducted from your commission if you are not a Team Member.  Since most consignors will help out during the event as a Team Member for a minimum of two hours, we wanted to give them an added benefit beyond shopping early…so we will waive the Consignor Fee and it will not be deducted from commission. 

Team Members help from 2 – 16 hours.  This is OPTIONAL as a consignor.  But most consignors like to shop early and have the Consignor Fee waived and even earn other stuff…plus it’s fun to hang with other moms!  Each 2 hour shift has an added “perk”, so take a look at our Team Member perks chart here to see how many hours you need to achieve your personal goals.  Do you want to shop early, earn more commission, or even get your money more quickly?  See how many hours are needed for your personal goal and then sign up in the Consignor Portal. 

As the sale progresses you should look at your Sold Items Report and multiple the dollar total by your anticipated commission percentage.  Next deduct any fees (like the Consignor Fee if you are not a Team Member) or optional services (like 20% for our Tagging Service) to find out what you have earned.  The “Estimated Earnings” report is an approximate number based on the average consignor…truly an “estimate” and not your personal accurate amount, so please do not use it if it is visible in your account.

Our 10-16 hour Team Members can receive a printed check on the final night of our sale.  All other consignors will have their commission sent to PayPal at the email address you registered with as a consignor…please note that the email address we have on file MIGHT be different than an email you used to pay your upfront Registration Fee.  We will always use the email you entered when you entered your consignor information…this email is kind of like your bank account number.  Please make sure it is correct or your money may be delayed in arriving.  (Note that PayPal does have an option to connect more than one email address to a single PayPal account.  Please see their website for details on how to do that.)  You can confirm your correct email address by logging into your Consignor Portal and updating your Consignor Information.  You must do this for BOTH of our sale locations (one does NOT automatically update the other).

Once we finalize the sale data, we will send money to PayPal and PayPal will then send you a notice to your consignor’s email address that you have money to be claimed.  You follow the directions in the email to obtain your money.  PayPal can also link your checking account to your PayPal account so that you can make a free transfer of your commission to your own bank.  Please see PayPal’s website for directions on how to do that…the process of PayPal confirming your bank account information will take a few business days, so make sure you start early if you chose this as an option.  PayPal will hold your funds for 30 days to see if you “claim” the money.  Once you claim it, it goes into your PayPal account immediately and you can transfer to your bank from there, if desired.  After 30 days have passed, PayPal will notify us that you did not claim your money and they will send back to us any money that was not claimed.  Once we receive your unclaimed money back from PayPal, we will issue you a printed check minus a $2 processing fee.  This happens automatically and you do NOT have to request a paper check.  Again, paper checks cannot be issued until the 30 day waiting period has expired since PayPal is retaining the money until that time.  If you would like a printed check and do not wish to wait that long you always have the option of being a 10-16 hour Team Member to receive your check on the final sale day.

We are excited to be offering PayPal payments so that consignors can receive their money more quickly and securely!  Please let us know if you have any questions by emailing

Consignor Portal Reports Are Awesome

Quakertown ConsignorsCLICK HEREA few of you have asked some questions about the differences in the reports of the Consignor Portal so I want to share this guide for you to reference.

To follow each description you might want to log into your Portal and look at the grid where these items are listed.

ESTIMATED EARNINGS – You will see a row for “Estimated Earings” …this line especially causes some confustion.  It is important to note that this is indeed just an “estimate”.  It is based on our base commission of 60%.  Most consignors will have a difference in this estimate compared to actual since it is only determined on that base of 60%.  Consignors who are Team Members can expect a higher earnings.  Consignors who do not help as a Team Member will have the $10 Consignor Fee deducted from this amount.  Additionally,  for those that use our optional Tagging Service your actual earnings will be 20% less to pay for the tagging services.

SOLD ITEMS – This section is usually updated in the evening after each selling day.  (We officially ask that you allow us until the next morning, but we are all excited to see our daily sales, so we almost always upload at the end of the sale each day before we go home.)  Remember this is not a “live” report…we have to upload it which we do once daily.

SELLER REPORT – This is uploaded when we send you notification that your money is available in PayPal.  This is the final and accurate report of what your total sales were and what percentage you earned.  It also includes every detail of any deductions such as the Consignor Fee for Non-Team Members, Tagging Service, and so on.  If you have a question about how much money you made, take a look here first and then email us with any questions.  An excellent item to look at on this report is the “% of items sold”.  This will help you consider your future growth and earning potential as a consignor.  Your goal should be to sell 75% of what you bring.  We will write a separate blog on this topic, but if you are not that high consider things like 1) Is my pricing too high 2) Did I have a lot of things returned to me during my drop off time (too many stained items, forgot my batteries in toys, wrong season, etc.) 3) Am I keeping my ACTIVE inventory clean?  (If you transfer items between our sales all your items go Active when transferring.  You need to mark items you are not bringing as INACTIVE so that you have an accurate report and that we also have accurate statistics for helping the growth of our events.)

DONATION REPORT – If you marked your items as Donate you will be able to look at this report and print it out for tax purposes.  If your items were not marked as “Donate” but you decided at the end of the sale that you were leaving them behind we did donate those items, but it will not show in the report since it was not marked that way when you entered it. This report is available when we notify you that your commission has been issued following the sale.

UNSOLD ITEMS REPORT – This report is uploaded after we close on the last day of the sale.  You can print it to locate your unsold items if you are choosing to claim your items when the selling days conclude.  If you cannot print this just prior to coming to pick up your items, we will be happy to print it for you when you arrive.  Remember you should also mark off any items that you did not bring to the sale and any items that were returned to you during your drop off appointment.