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Month: February 2016

Top 10 Consignor Supplies


To help you get organized for consigning we wanted to share the top 10 supplies you will want to have on hand and let you know the cheapest places to find them.

images (2)1) Hangers – Beg, borrow, post…since we do NOT require a specific type of hanger consignors can use whatever they find FREE! Ask department stores and dry cleaners if they have any hangers. Post on social media and ask your friends if they have any unwanted hangers, ask on The Clothing Tree’s private page for consignors if anyone has extra…try not to pay for them! If you end up having more clothing than hangers we suggest buying a box from Uline and picking up at their warehouse just outside of Allentown. You should ask for the white shirt hangers, they are the least expensive and come in a box of 500, share with a friend or save for next season…or sell lots of clothing. 🙂 If you don’t want that size box then the dollar store or Walmart are your best bet for smaller quantities. Sometimes a dry cleaner will sell some of their own stock at cost.

2) Cardstock – Tags must be printed on cardstock (not regular paper). This is 65lb weight paper. All consignors must use white or cream colored cardstock UNLESS you have decided to use our optional Transfer Service. If you are using the Transfer Service then you must use any shade of green cardstock to print your tags. Green cardstock will likely need to be purchased from an office supply store but white cardstock has the best price at Walmart.

3) Safety Pins – This is one item we do NOT recommend you buy at the dollar store…usually the metal of the pin is too flimsy and will bend when trying to push pin through…not fun! If you are going to use a bunch we recommend buying a box from Cleaner Supply…the size 2 is the best all-round size. Use safety pins to attach tags to clothing or clothing to hangers.

4) Zipper Bags – from sandwich bag size to jumbo bags you will need some. Use them to pack small parts to toys, socks, or even large toys or lots of pieces like train sets, Duplo, or dollhouse with parts. The best place to buy the large, XL, and XXL zipper bags is from the dollar store. We also like the 2.5 gallon bags.



5) Zip Ties – To connect shoes together, items with multiple larger pieces or bags, or poke a hole through your zipper bag (poke hole below the “zipper”) and attach bag to toy with a zip tie rather than tape. Buy zip ties at the Dollar Store or get a large assorted size container at Walmart.

6) Cleaning supplies – Remember to clean your items prior to bringing them to us. Our favorite item for cleaning plastic items is Mr. Clean Magic Erasers…do yourself a favor and buy name brand on this item! It has been our experience that the generic version just crumble very easily. Buy a box of 10 at BJs or just a couple at Walmart. Magic Eraser is great for cleaning scuff marks off items and for cleaning textured plastic items like Little Tikes desks or outdoor playsets.

7) Packing Tape – Use to apply tags to the back of books or videos, seal the top of the zipper bag with toy parts, or put over top of items tagged using safety pins to better secure tag to item. We recommend using Heavy Duty packing tape and you can get a small roll at any department store or office supply store.

8) Plastic Wrap – use this to wrap around wooden puzzles to keep pieces in place

9) Lint remover and sweater “depiller” – We will not accept items with fur or items with “pilling” – a depiller can be bought at Walmart for about $4-5.

10) Miscellaneous supplies – scissors (to cut tags), index cards and a pen or marker (so you can write a note with further information and attach to item), and masking tape.