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Month: January 2016

A Dozen New Things Consignors Should Know
A Dozen New Things Consignors Should Know

A Dozen New Things Consignors Should Know

It sure does not feel like our spring consignment season is about to begin with the record setting snow fall we had in the last 24 hours!  Many of you know that I just love the snow…really I do!  Today we dug out to our chicken coop to make sure they had unfrozen water (I forgot I put an egg in my coat pocket and found it running down the leg of my snow pants), shoveled a bit, tried to have a snowball fight and dig a tunnel, made some homemade sticky buns, and now I am taking some time to reflect on our upcoming consignment season and all the new things we are working on!  I would like to just give you a brief overview of the changes for consignors and as the season approaches we will send out more detailed information. 

  • Untitled design (8)NEW QUAKERTOWN LOCATION  We will be hosting our events at the YMCA in Quakertown at 401 Fairview Ave.  Please help us to get this word out!
  • NEW WEBSITE – Check it out!  We think you will love the new look and easy features.
  • CONSIGNOR REGISTRATION FEE – Change in the structure of the fee.  There will now be a $9.50 Registration Fee and a $10 Consignor Fee.  (The $10 Consignor Fee is for unlimited items and will be waived upon completion of your first 2 hour Team Member shift.)
  • CHILDCARE FOR TEAM MEMBERS – Although our insurance prohibits us from allowing our Team Members to have children with them, we are working with both of our facilities that already have daycare.  Watch for details on this low cost option and to sign up.
  • INCREASED BENEFITS FOR TAGGING SERVICE CONSIGNORS  We are going to offer our optional tagging service consignors new seasonal benefits such as storage prior to the event.  Keep an eye out for details and sign up early!
  • ITEM PREPARATION CHANGES – please note the following:
    • We are no longer accepting VHS tapes. 
    • Please do NOT put onesies and sleepers in baggies, hang them on a hanger (you can use one hanger to hang multiple items, check out this video).
    • Crib sets must be 4 or more pieces
  • Minimum pricing is $2 (group items together for a value of $2 or more)
  • CONSIGNOR SORT & PICK-UP – We will now have two separate blocks of time for consignors to sort and pick-up items on Sunday.
  • ITEM ENTRY DEADLINE – Will now be on a Friday night at midnight for both locations (previously it was on a Saturday).
  • FASTER CONSIGNOR PAYMENTS – In order for consignors to receive their funds more quickly and efficiently, commission will now be issued via Paypal.  (A check payment will still be an option, please see policy listed in the Consignor Agreement.) Make you’re your correct email address is showing in your Consignor Portal because it is like your “account number” for Paypal to issue funds.  Check your portal in BOTH locations to verify, you need to change each location separately.
  • NEW TEAM MEMBER PERKS – Level 1 and above will have the $10 Consignor Fee waived (previously this was part of the overall Consignor Registration Fee and never reimbursed).  Level 2 and above will shop the ½ price sale 30 minutes early.
  • DAD’S HELPER SHIFT – Dads will now receive a $15 Lowe’s or Home Depot gift card for helping each 2 hour shift during our set-up and break-down.
  • CONSIGNOR RESTOCK – On Friday evening at each location from 6-7pm we will be allowing registered consignors to add additional non-clothing items.  We will also use this time to accept new consignors who were not able to be registered prior to reaching our maximum number of consignors.  This will add a shopping incentive for those who cannot shop with us until Saturday morning and therefore bring us more customers to help increase your sales!  Watch for details….

We look forward to all the changes our spring season will be blooming with and hope you can share in the excitement!  See you soon.  -Dawn