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Year: 2014

Reasons To Consign At A Consignment Sale Event

This time of year the weather is nice, we see lots of yard/garage sales popping up and it’s a great place for many moms and consignors to buy or sell items. Below we will highlight some of the reasons why Consigning is the obvious choice vs. Yard Sales or online marketplaces (Craigslist).

11010307_10153020680181760_7302105146743325613_n Exposure of your items to a larger pool of potential customers. Most Consignment events can pull in many more people and potential customers than the average yard sale.

Specific shoppers for your items. People that attend yard sales could be looking for anything, at consignment events for children they are very specific buyers. They are coming to purchase merchandise for their kids/families.

Organization of the sale. A Consignment sale is normally much more organized than having a table of clothing or having a box full of onesies. Everything is organized for people to see properly, which means an easier sale.

Your pricing at a Consignment Event is much higher than at a yard sale. People at Yard Sales are looking for those $1 items, even when an item is new. Consignment events allow you to price your items strategically to get you the best return.

Money, your return is going to be great. Our average consignor earns $300 from one sale.

Many days, vs. 1 or 2 days. A Consignment Sale Event is over many days and is strategically located in an area that is accessible to many. Your home could be off the beaten path for people to get to.

Marketing. Consignment Sale Events takes marketing very seriously and is dedicated to marketing their sale to their customer base. Find a sale that’s been around for a season or two as well, they already have a following.

Safety. Yep, Safety. Safety at a Consignment Sale Event is priority. Meeting someone that you found an item on Craigslist is not very safe. You’re coming to a safe environment at our Consignment Sale Event. For more on this specifically, check out this blog, it breaks it down.

10599429_10153102447121760_327659515176030128_nQuality of Merchandise. Most Consignment Sale Events take pride in the quality of goods they allow in their Sale. The Clothing Tree takes every piece of merchandise and inspects all items for damage, stains etc.

Safety of products. Another Safety issue is RECALLS. The Clothing Tree Consignors check their merchandise against the Recall List.

Variety. At a yard sale the Smith family has two twin boys, so you’re options are going to be boy items and that were specific to the Smith family’s tastes. At a Consignment Sale Event you will have many options and variety of goods. From clothing to outdoor and larger toy/accessory items.

Cost. Especially for those new moms, a one stop shop for you to get what you need at reasonable prices.

If you’re thinking about that Yard Sale this summer to dispose of your unwanted children’s clothing, toys and accessories, this may make you rethink it. The Clothing Tree is already planning our next event. Contact us if you’re interested in selling your items with us. Buyers, if you’re not on our mailing list, please signup to get the latest updates on our up and coming sales.

What is a Children’s Consignment EVENT? Why is it different than a store?

What is a Children’s Consignment EVENT?  Why is it different than a store? 

The craze of seasonal consignment “events” or “sales” has spread from their origin in the southern states to our area.  Savvy families want to know more!   This post gives the top 5 reasons of how an event is different than a store.

  • Seasonal events ONLY – A “Sale” or “Event” does NOT have a regular store.  We only host big events twice per year in the spring and fall.  We are not open for business in between those months.  Spring sales carry spring and summer items; fall sales carry fall and winter items.  So swimsuits would not be accepted in winter and snow pants would not be accepted in spring.
  • Inventory – Our events are big with tons of inventory (25,000+ items) and draw oodles of shoppers who will be happy to buy your consigned items!  Shoppers enjoy the mega selection of clothing, toys, baby gear, games, books, and even furniture.  Shoppers can expect to pay 75-90% LESS than new retail value of items.
  • Commission for consignors – Average consignors will earn about $300 and sell 60-70% of their items, some go-getters are even earning over $1,000!  We issue your check (NOT a shopping credit) within 14 days paying at least 60% of your total sales; Stores usually pay 40-50% and often will not issue you a payment until your account reaches a specific dollar amount or until the end of the season (often 2 months or more).  Many stores pay a lower commission if you request a check instead of taking store credit.
  • Consigning and want to earn more? – Be a Team Member during the event.  Not only will this increase your commission, but you will get to shop before regular consignors and the public.  Shopping first allows you to find top notch items at bottom dollar prices, plus it’s FUN!
  • Preparing Your Items – Consignors need internet access because they prepare and tag their own items for our event.  This allows you to set your own price and control whether you will offer the item at a discount or donate near the end of the event.  We provide information regarding our super easy online the tagging system.  You will enter your items and print your tags from the convenience of your own home computer and apply to your items.  You will be able to go online each day to see what has sold.  (No time to do your own item preparation?  The Clothing Tree offers a Busy Mom’s Tagging Service, additional fees will apply for the tagging service.)

Check out The Clothing Tree – Your Seasonal Consignment Event Specialists offering two locations in Upper Bucks County and the Lehigh Valley.    Earn money, clean out the closets, reclaim the garage…recycling your gently used items help our environment and support your local community by providing a way to lower the cost of raising a family.  See how we are helping you to maximize the value of your gently used children’s items by saving you time and money.